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Track record of transactions

Leading research capabilities

Trusted partnership approach

Track record of transactions

“My experience with [a previous M&A transaction] was horrific, so this time I wanted to hire an advisor good at selling businesses.  I might have had an expertise in my area of business, but didn’t have any expertise in knowing the kinds of companies who might want to buy – or could buy – my business. We chose BCMS, who could help us find serious buyers with a good reputation. Coming to a third-party advisor, who is an expert in multiple sectors, and where to look, seemed sensible.”

Guy Mills

GBUK Healthcare (received investment from H2 Equity Partners)

“We wanted to hire an advisor good at selling businesses. There were two serious contenders [to be our M&A advisor], BCMS and one other. The other company specialised in our marketplace. BCMS does not specialise in any one sector, which has the benefit of scale. The people that you meet at BCMS have all done it before, in fact many times before. For me, it came down to ‘who is the safe pair of hands, who are the people we can trust?’ We had done our homework and BCMS ticked all the boxes.”

John Casserly

Xceed (acquired by Wavestone)

“None of us had sold a business before – so you rely heavily on someone to take you through the process. What particularly pleased me was that we were introduced to a team of people from BCMS that would be working with us. There weren’t people who were introduced and then disappeared, everybody worked with us, and very much appeared to be committed to working just for us.”

Darren Cairns

Intrinsys (acquired by Addnode Group)

“We wanted someone who had a good track record of selling niche businesses. We felt that BCMS had that experience, and that clinched it for us. The buyers we spoke to had really done their homework. I would not like to have gone into negotiations without an advisor who knew what it was all about.”

Hugh Graham

Inverclyde Biologicals (acquired by Source Bioscience)

Leading research capabilities

“No-one but BCMS would have thought of putting us together with the company that bought us. I have no hesitation in recommending BCMS. Without their wise, timely and focused efforts, I doubt we could have successfully completed the deal in such difficult times.”

David Twiddle

Renovo (acquired by Liberata in 2020)

“We didn’t think that in an industry like ours that BCMS would be able to identify a large number of potential purchasers. The research team certainly lived up to their reputation and the BCMS process did create a competitive environment around the business. It was clear from the outset that we had done the right thing in choosing BCMS.”

Sam Pemberton

Softel (acquired by Belden Inc)

“I would recommend BCMS. I like the way that they create a competitive environment, and it keeps the buyers honest.”

Andrew Sesemann

Andrew has sold two businesses with BCMS

“Every buyer on the shortlist – I think it was four or five companies – we weren’t aware of any of them. The support we got was fantastic, there’s no doubt about that. Our BCMS advisor was a real godsend to us at times because he’d answer a lot of the questions we didn’t really want to answer.”

Kevin Dunford

Action Pumps (acquired by Tricel)

“We could not have hoped for a more suitable buyer for our business – namely an international player looking for a UK footprint and with the ambition and resources to significantly grow our business. BCMS found that buyer, and helped us every step of the way.”

Chris Gorton

Heads Recruitment (acquired by Proman)

“I was very impressed with the way the sale was handled by BCMS. I was amazed that without going to our competitors and the usual firms we would have approached, we achieved a great sale. There was a lot more interest than I expected.”

Stewart Anderson

Ladco Group (acquired by Probat Group)

Trusted partnership approach

“We had had great prior experience with the BCMS team so they were our natural choice when the time came, and they have supported us beautifully throughout what has been a very detailed process.”

Dennis Keenan

KeeResources (acquired by Auto Trader)

“BCMS managed the sales process superbly. We were impressed at BCMS’ depth of knowledge, the depth of the team and how people were brought in at the appropriate time, also the hand holding, if it was necessary, and the reassurance.”

Michael Spencer

Tew Engineering (acquired by LB Foster Inc)

“I felt that throughout the whole process, if I wanted to get hold of someone at BCMS I could. Sometimes you just need that reassurance on a Sunday night at 10pm, to be able to pick up that phone and talk to somebody. I can’t think of many other companies that would have offered that service.”

Gavin Goates

PCML (received investment from Blauvelt Capital Partners)

“The process was very structured, and with BCMS, we felt in very good hands. BCMS is a well-run, professionally organised team that will be an asset to any company thinking of selling their business. The step-by-step process and up-front advice helped us to understand how best to handle any direct calls and enquiries, as well as the initial interviews with potential acquirers.”

Mike Novels

The Preactor Group (acquired by Siemens)

“BCMS made the whole process considerably less stressful thanks to their knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive team who were with us every step of the way.”

Rob Miller

PCM Healthcare (acquired by Cogora)

“Choosing an advisor we could trust and who would support us was critical. Honestly, I don’t think we could have made a better decision – BCMS not only supported us throughout the entire process but they advised on a lawyer partner and both were right by our side whenever we needed. If I had to go through the whole process again, I’d choose BCMS in a heartbeat.”

Phil O’Brien

Concise (acquired by PSAV)

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