How much is your business worth today – and why?

Get the definitive answer with a Value Assessment from BCMS

Valuing a business is an art, not a science. The value of your business is never just about the numbers, and an accurate business valuation can never be achieved through a desktop calculation.

With the Value Assessment service – which is aimed at companies with £1m+ EBITDA and ambition to grow – you’ll get the full picture of what your business is worth, and why. Value Assessment is a detailed, multi-part, data-driven and reality-rooted exercise, uniquely tailored to your business. It’s based on our decades of deal-making experience, and a real-time understanding of what’s happening right now in your market.

We’ll help you see your company as a buyer or investor would. They’re the only people who will ultimately put a price on your business.

This is not just a ‘punch in some numbers’ calculation. It’s your definitive reality check. With a Value Assessment, you’ll gain access to the qualitative and quantitative business-critical intelligence that tells you where your business stands right now. Over a few weeks, we’ll help you gather the data we need to analyse your underlying profitability, quality of revenues, cost base, working capital, sales pipeline and many more value-critical KPIs.

We’ll analyse the big picture factors driving deals in your marketplace, benchmark you against competitors, assess the value in your brand and market position, and identify any perceived risks that might limit your attractiveness and ultimate sale price.

The cost for this comprehensive, fully tailored valuation service, including a detailed report exclusively for you, is just a few thousand pounds.

Take the first step towards a more valuable future with BCMS.

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Value Driver: the key to unlocking shareholder value

Value Assessment is a standalone service, but for many clients, it’s also the first element of our consultancy-led Value Driver programme. That’s where we embark on a long-term partnership with ambitious entrepreneurs on the road towards a business sale transaction.

In total, BCMS has unlocked over £3bn of value for our clients, and this tailored programme has increased company values by 2.5x within 36 months on average.

Each Value Driver engagement is bespoke to you and your business. Together, we’ll shape your business to be fully transaction ready, helping you get maximum value at the optimum time, via a fully managed sale process.

Post-sale, we help you find meaning and opportunity as a full member of our exclusive network of 200+ founders, the Fellows, all of whom have unlocked their potential with BCMS

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The Value Driver  service covers 'Define it' and 'Shape it' sections of the diagram

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