Value Driver: providing certainty, unleashing untapped potential

Think, plan and act like your buyer: a strategic, hands-on approach to creating shareholder value for you

Value Driver is for ambitious business owners who aren’t ready to sell right now – but want to take control of their business with a sale in mind. It’s about defining a mission-critical strategic roadmap and goals, shaping and building your business to meet those goals, and maximising value up to and beyond your business sale.

This is a long-term consultancy service, with crystal clear aims: to enhance the value of your business, reduce your risk, and gain the certainty of being able to sell for the best possible price and terms when the right time comes.

Crucially, Value Driver focuses on real-time market intelligence from buyers and investors. This means together with BCMS, you’ll be able to shape your business to possess the very characteristics buyers and investors prize the most.

What’s involved?

It’s a modular consultancy service, tailored to the precise needs of your business, which delivers a detailed, documented pathway for success. From the big strategic picture, to the small but crucial details, you’ll partner with BCMS over time to identify and shape the factors that will create enduring value in your company. We’ll analyse potential ‘red flags’ that will put off buyers, and identify and help implement a range of initiatives to make your business excel. Throughout, we’ll be monitoring and responding to your market: giving you all the knowledge, confidence and certainty you need ahead of any sale process.

As part of your BCMS team, you’ll also be paired with a BCMS Associate Partner – a seasoned expert in business transformation and growth, with hands-on experience from selling a business like yours.

What will I get?

With the Value Driver executive toolkit, you’ll get a strategic roadmap that will help you discover the following…

  • The true value in your business today, and how that can grow in the future
  • How you stack up against your competitors in terms of sector-specific KPIs
  • Buyers’ motivations and where they see value in your business
  • Financing options available to assist your goals, including expansion and acquisition
  • Which financial reporting data and management information is critical and why
  • Recommendations to improve Return on Investment in your sales and marketing
  • How to develop, align and incentivise your people for the growth journey
  • How to build and retain a trusted and motivated management team
  • How to keep compliant and avoid risk with detailed legal, tax and wealth planning
  • When and why to push the button on a sale process, based on market intelligence
The Value Driver  service covers 'Define it' and 'Shape it' sections of the diagram

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