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Free Resources for Private Business Owners

This 59-page guide fully documents the BCMS sale process, from the reasons owners and shareholders decide to sell their private businesses, through the identification of and contact with potential buyers and the final stages of qualification, negotiation and transaction completion.

Written by BCMS founding Director Dave Rebbettes and incorporating BCMS's 30 years of experience advising private business owners, Selling Your Business is packed with invaluable insights into the sale process. The content includes insider tips, proven techniques, case studies and statistics to help to you plan your next steps. 

A perfect companion to the invaluable BCMS seminar, this free guide is essential reading for all private business owners who are considering an exit – whether now or in the future. 

8 Keys to Getting the Best Price

Selling a business is often the biggest financial transaction in an entrepreneur's life and, usually one that sellers are unfamiliar with. Although much has been written on the topic, the best of it is based on real deal-making experience. 

At BCMS, we believe that selling a company is not just an accounting or legal matter, but, first and foremost, must be a very proactive sales and marketing matter.

Rooted in this belief, the principles discussed in this eBook have been extensively proven over our 30-year history selling companies. 

7 Elements of Successful Partnerships

BCMS and Inc. Magazine’s Business Owners Council commissioned a research study to understand the factors that enable certain small business partnerships to thrive — while others struggle.

Seven factors appeared to be present in every productive and smooth-running partnership.

This free white paper is your guide to operational efficiency, greater profitability, and fewer interpersonal conflicts.