Buying A Business: Company Acquisition Opportunities

If you are actively seeking an acquisition, we are able to assist you in your search.

Please contact us via this form, or call us at (212) 520-8288. 

For clarification, we are a sell-side advisor, meaning all of our clients are looking to sell part or all of their company.

We do not formally represent firms or individuals who are looking to acquire.


Please register your interest here if you are a trade buyer seeking an acquisition or investment in your own sector, or any other sectors.


If you are a Private Investor/Management Buy-In Candidate looking for acquisition or investment opportunities, whether it is your first acquisition or you have vast M&A experience, please register your interest here.


Please register your interest here if you are a Private Equity or Venture Capitalist company, or you are looking to provide financial backing for an acquisition or investment.


If you are representing a company or an individual who is looking for an acquisition or investment, please register your interest here.