Thousand Oaks seminar

Thousand Oaks seminar

Selling Your Business for Its Maximum Value

Discover the key considerations a business owner should know when approaching the sale of their business.

You have invested heavily in the growth and success of your company. Whether contemplating a business sale transaction now or in the future, it makes good business sense to invest a few hours of your time to ensure you reap the maximum rewards for your hard work and dedication, if and when the time comes.

Based on our experience completing hundreds of transactions, this complimentary seminar will teach you:

  • Five signs that your business is at the optimum point to sell
  • The elements of your business that will really drive value
  • What motivates buyers to pay premium prices
  • Eight common pitfalls to avoid when selling

Even if you’re not actively considering a company sale, advance preparation will help you make better-informed decisions about a very consequential financial event.

Seminar Agenda

9:30 am - Breakfast & Registration

10:00 am - Introduction

Why do so many businesses fail to sell?

  • 8 Essentials To Maximizing Value

Preparing to sell

  • The importance of early and thorough planning
  • How to preserve confidentiality
  • Establishing a thoughtful growth plan
  • The impact of professional marketing materials
  • How to address potential issues in the business


  • The fundamental flaws in traditional thinking
  • The importance of focusing on future potential
  • What motivates a buyer to pay a higher price

11:00 am - Break

11:15 am - Market Update

11:25 am - The 5 steps of a successful sale

Step 1 – Initial diligence

  • Understanding your own business from a buyer’s perspective
  • Critical issues most owners overlook
  • Creating a profile of the ideal buyer

Step 2 - Identifying potential buyers

  • How to identify and contact potential buyers, and know what makes them interested
  • The importance of looking overseas for a buyer
  • Why you may need to approach far more buyers than you think

Step 3 - Interacting with buyers

  • How to generate high levels of interest
  • Introducing the opportunity and articulating your value position
  • The delivery of marketing materials
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • How to handle vital first meetings

Step 4 - Negotiating the deal

  • How to capitalize on a choice of buyers
  • The importance of not discussing price too early
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to negotiate the best price and terms

Step 5 - Concluding the deal

  • The ongoing value of a choice of buyers
  • Maintaining interest and creating urgency with your buyer
  • The importance of managing tax and legal variables

12:30 pm - Final Thoughts

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Seminar details

30 October 2019

Complimentary, for qualifying owners of private businesses. Registration and Breakfast from 9:30 am. Questions? Call Beth Rieger at 888-413-2267

Venue details

The Hyatt Regency Westlake

The Hyatt Regency Westlake
Thousand Oaks Metro Area
880 South Westlake Boulevard, Westlake Village, CA 91361