Client Interviews

Selling a business is a personal as well as commercial decision, and behind every successful M&A deal completion is a story. We aim to tailor each transaction to our clients' personal needs and aspirations, and just as every deal is unique, so every single business sale story is different.

The following client video interviews and testimonials bring the acclaimed BCMS process to life, and demonstrate the power of a business sale to change your business and your future for the better.

Like you, perhaps, these former BCMS clients started their business sale journey with an online search, exploratory phone call or by attending a BCMS business owners event. What they have to say may help you as you plan your next steps.

October 2019
Jerry Abendroth
Building Exterior Solutions LLC Jerry Abendroth - Be Patient
September 2019
Bob Thompson
General Transportation Services, Inc. Bob Thompson - Be Prepared
August 2019
Confidential Company Gretchen, CEO (Part 2) - Transaction Execution
August 2019
Confidential Company Gretchen, CEO (Part 1) - Engage All Potential Buyers
June 2019
Ian Haldimann, Sage Tree
Sage Tree Ian Haldimann - Preparation is Key
May 2019
Heather Dykes, Graphics & More
Graphics & More and Nothing Specific, Inc. Heather Dykes - Prepare for Life After a Sale
April 2019
Bart Garvin, Garvin Industries
Garvin Industries Bart Garvin - Invest in the Future
March 2019
Genevieve Rockett, Rockett Interactive, Inc.
Rockett Interactive, Inc. Genevieve Rockett - It begins with you
February 2019
Rich Eberhart, Southwest Freight Distributors
Southwest Freight Distributors Rich Eberhart - Valuation Expectations