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Our Clients - Spark Productions

The owners of Spark Productions saw their business expand along with the growth of broadband and internet capabilities. Spark provides companies with experiential advertising and rich media content that enabled their clients to communicate directly with consumers both at home and in the workplace. Spark Productions was a leader in communicating messages and branding via video communications.

When the partners of Spark approached BCMS to sell their business, they were already poised for growth. The online video sector was estimating that 80% of all U.S. consumers to watch video each day. With their market expanding, U.S. consumers clicked on 142.7 billion pieces of professionally produced, brand hosted and distributed videos since 1999, and consumption was expected to rise by 20% annually.

The owners of Spark Productions entrusted BCMS to find a strategic buyer that could help provide the resources and opportunity to take the company to the next level.

BCMS approached the market and received resounding interest from companies in the video production, traditional advertising and branding, interactive marketing and event planning industries. The owners of Spark worked with the BCMS deal team to identify and hold meeting with several top potential buyers that held the strongest potential. After speaking about the future of Spark Productions with each of these companies, the owners settled on McMurry as being the right fit.

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New York, New York
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Motion Picture, Video and Television
Spark Productions acquired by McMurry