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We met Cynthia Bethel and Thai Hoang, owners of Healthsoft, Inc., after they came to a BCMS Corporate seminar held in Dallas, Texas. It was immediately clear to us what a tremendous company the pair had built. A senior advisor recalls their first meeting, “The backgrounds of Cynthia and Thai, having come from the consulting arena, allowed them to build a business with the insights and infrastructure that had the company poised for growth. A larger company could easily step in with the appropriate resources and take their business to the next level. It was immediately apparent we had something special.”

The owners of Healthsoft, Inc. enlisted the services of BCMS Corporate to find an buyer that would provide greater resources and opportunities to help the company reach its full potential.

Having grown the company for the past 20 years, the owners understood the benefits that could be realized by finding a synergistic buyer. Haynes and Boone, LLP was appointed by Healthsoft, Inc. to serve as their legal counsel and tax advisors.

BCMS’s researchers combed the globe for strategic buyers in industries such as medical and dental practice management, electronic medical records, professional billing houses, medical and dental supplies, and distribution and project management software. In the end, a wide range of potential buyers were selected for the market approach.

After extensive calling by BCMS staff, several of these companies requested greater details about the acquisition opportunity and qualified for further discussions. This pool represented buyers from 4 countries and a variety of industries and specialties.

In the end, Cynthia and Thai agreed that it was a priority to ensure the continued success of the company they had built. They felt that the fit with PracticeWorks Systems was a “combination [that] will greatly benefit Windent customers, who will now have access to fully integrated imaging and practice management software solutions.”

With the acquisition, Windent and its workforce, based in Richardson, Texas, became part of the larger PracticeWorks corporation. “We view this acquisition as an opportunity to deliver new and innovative solutions to our customers as we have for over 23 years.” stated Thai Hoang, Co-founder and President of Healthsoft, Inc.

“Oral health providers across the U.S. and Canada are engaging digital imaging in ways never before possible,” commented Cynthia Bethel, CEO of Healthsoft. “Joining forces with PracticeWorks will enable our common vision of allowing practices to flourish and better meet patient needs,” said Ms. Bethel.

PracticeWorks’s C.E.O. Patrik Eriksson agreed, “Together, PracticeWorks and Windent will deliver the best in class, most highly-integrated digital imaging and practice management software solutions available."

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Healthsoft, Inc.
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Carestream Health, Inc.
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