BCMS Webinars

BCMS Webinars offer practical insights to a wide range of issues facing private business owners. Featuring commentary from experienced M&A professionals and entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their companies, as well as resources, analysis and downloads, our webinars can be watched live or on-demand, from wherever you are in the world.

How to Build a Better Business Before You Sell Part 2: What Buyers Want

Understanding buyer motives can help make your business a more attractive target -- even if an exit is years away. Join us on Thursday, November 21st at 1:00 PM EST, where you will learn how you can start getting your business prepared for the right buyer. 

How to Build a Better Business Before You Sell

Whether or not you plan to own your business for the long term, there are always steps to creating more value, especially after you have decided to move on. Watch our 40-minute workshop, to learn what steps to take after you have decided to sell your business.

Selling Your Business for Its Maximum Value

Can’t make it to a BCMS seminar in person? This one-hour session covers many of the points discussed during our seminars, including the eight common mistakes many business owners make, and how to maximize the value of your business when it’s time to sell.

Your Business, Your Future: Building to Sell

A recording of a previous BCMS panel event, this one-hour webinar gives you insider tips, analysis and real-world advice from two middle market business owners who built and successfully sold their businesses, and the M&A veterans who were by their side.

Where might the right buyer for your business come from?

Watch this 30-minute Q&A session to discover why expanding the search for potential acquirers abroad may greatly impact the successful sale of your company.

Your business is ready to sell... are you?

How can you mentally prepare for the sale of your business? This webinar analyzes the personal journey of the company owner throughout the transaction – from deciding to go to market, through the sale process, and into life after a sale. 

How long does it take to sell a business?

Knowing how long a business sale transaction might take will give you a significant advantage in deciding whether now is a good time to sell. During this panel discussion, we will analyze the transaction process at various stages, explore the key issues, share the statistics behind some real-life transactions, and offer practical insights on how to keep momentum in a deal.

Selling a Family Business

When it comes to selling a family business, there are a myriad of emotional as well as commercial factors involved -- issues of personal legacy, estate and tax planning, family trust, financial risk, and even parenting. Join our 40-minute webinar and watch our panel, two subject-matter experts and a former owner of a fifth-generation family business, discuss the unique trials of building, running, and selling family businesses.

Economic Shock and M&A: Planning to Win

If you are thinking of selling your business now or in the future, understanding how macroeconomic changes can affect your chances for a successful transaction and the eventual price for your business is crucial. During this webinar, we share key lessons you’ll need to know to complete a successful transaction even if the economy starts to contract.

Industry Consolidation: Timing is Everything

Even if you’re not actively considering a company sale, understanding the optimal time to sell your company according to industry dynamics is crucial. During our webinar, our panel will discuss the cross-industry trends and factors that affect your chances to sell your company – and its final price – as your industry evolves. 

Healthcare M&A: Technology, Regulation and Politics

From medical practices to research organizations, insurance and other service providers, the healthcare industry has seen a host of changes in recent years. These shifting dynamics create challenges and opportunities for private business owners contemplating their strategic options. During our webinar, we’ll discuss what’s driving M&A within the healthcare sector and how you can take advantage of it.

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