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Storysack and Articles of Faith Ltd acquired by Demco Europe Ltd

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International M&A specialist BCMS Corporate is pleased to announce the sale of educational book supplier Storysack Limited, together with sister company Articles of Faith to Demco Europe Limited.

Storysack Limited pioneered the use of a Storysacks® as a tool to help parents and their children enjoy reading books together. Available exclusively through mail order, each Storysack® is a decorative cloth bag containing an illustrated storybook and supporting materials, including toys to help bring books to life.

Recently, the directors of Storysack Limited, Neil Griffiths and Christine and Leslie Howard, approached BCMS Corporate to identify a buyer for Storysack and their sister company, Articles of Faith. Christine Howard, Director of Storysack states, "Selling a business is never easy, especially one into which you have invested so much time, passion and energy, which is why we are delighted to have found a partner in Demco Europe who shares our belief in the future direction of Storysack and sister company Articles of Faith."

Mac Edwards, BCMS Deal Leader comments, “We’re extremely pleased to have completed the sale of Storysack and Articles of Faith.” He continues, “They are both strong businesses, who with the support of Demco Europe, have the potential to become even bigger in the UK, and maybe Europe at some point in the future.” Under the terms of the agreement, Neil Griffiths will continue to work with the business while Christine Howard will work only two days a week. Her husband, Leslie Howard, has retired.

About Demco Europe Limited

Demco Europe Limited, is a UK-based subsidiary of Demco Inc, one of the world’s leading providers of furniture for use in school and college libraries. Demco offers resources for learning, specialist supplies, furniture and innovation design for libraries, study spaces and learning resource centers. This is the third acquisition undertaken by Demco Europe involving BCMS Corporate to date. For additional information please visit their website,  

About StorySack Limited

Storysack is a UK based mail order company which supplies Storysacks®and educational related materials into schools and pre-schools. Their products offer literacy based activities inside and outside the classroom. For more information please visit their website,

About Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith Limited is the leading supplier of religious artefacts to schools and education in the UK by mail order. It also has a history catalogue and a Bright and Early (Early Years catalogue which concentrates on multi-cultural resources. For additional information please visit their website,

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Posted Oct 2011
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