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Housing Communications acquired by SpiriTel

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Housing Communications Limited (HCL) can be traced back to 1998 when it was originally established as Computer Trade Sales.  HCL provides mobile, landline and value-add software services to firms within the public sector.

The owners felt they had developed the business to a point where additional scale was required to maximize the significant growth opportunities of the Company.  They felt that this desired scale would be achieved through the sale of the business and retained BCMS to manage the project from market analysis to an eventual sale.

SpiriTel won the prestigious 2010 SMB Convergence Solution Award and is a supplier of a comprehensive range of traditional and Internet Protocol products and services.   They were extremely interested in acquiring HCL after the BCMS process was executed to develop sales interest and did as stated before acquire HCL.  

BCMS Corporate is an independent corporate advisory firm with over 20 years experience selling privately owned small and medium-sized businesses. BCMS Corporate currently employs over 200 professionals with offices in North America, Western & Eastern Europe, and Asia. 

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Posted Jun 2010
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