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FE-Mobile acquired by Temenos Group AG

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FE-Mobile was established in 2002 as a specialist software company with a unique market-proven multichannel software solution for mobile banking and mobile commerce, and is globally recognized as a secure and robust mobile commerce software platform provider.  

FE-Mobile products were accelerating and the owners knew that they required more than just cash investment to continue the success of the business. They recognized the need for fast paced development and more proactive sales support.  Based upon these requirements they turned to BCMS Corporate to help them identify a suitable buyer.  

Through BCMS extensive marketing efforts, a number of firms were identified and after several meetings and offers, Temenos Group AG was identified as a suitable buyer.

BCMS Corporate is an independent corporate advisory firm with over 20 years experience selling privately owned small and medium-sized businesses. BCMS Corporate currently employs over 200 professionals with offices in North America, Western & Eastern Europe, and Asia.

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Posted May 2010
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