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Espresso Adesso acquired by Miko Coffee

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Established in 1997 as one of the largest independent coffee and related products distributor.  Their customer base includes government organizations, high end hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and commercial businesses.

The shareholders recognized the business significant future potential and both committed high levels of time and resources to the business since its inception and now desired a change of lifestyle. They believed the best way to move the company forward would be to seek a suitable acquirer who can bring additional investment and resources to the business. Based upon this they turned to BCMS years of experience in marketing and selling small to medium size businesses.

Through the BCMS rigorous marketing process several interests were identified and the business was sold to Miko Coffee Limited.

Miko Coffee Limited was founded in1801; the Company owns and manages coffee service subsidiaries across northern Europe and Australia.

BCMS Corporate is an independent corporate advisory firm with over 20 years experience selling privately owned small and medium-sized businesses. BCMS Corporate currently employs over 200 professionals with offices in North America, Western & Eastern Europe, and Asia.

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Posted Jul 2010
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