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Brooksight acquired by WasteCare

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BCMS Corporate is pleased to announce the acquisition of Brooksight by WasteCare.

Peter Hunt, managing director at WasteCare says: “Brooksight has been the market leader in this niche market for over 20 years. Having national coverage and a dedicated and experienced team, we are confident that synergies with the WasteCare Group will bring additional recycling opportunities and cost savings to our customers."

Brooksight is an asset recovery company specialist in working with breweries and gas companies to find and recover lost barrels and bottles. Brooksight’s services have been instrumental in their client’s re-cycled for re-use of lost assets.

As of mid September WasteCare had already launched a gas bottle and keg retrieval service following its acquisition of Brooksight.

The group’s “CanisterCare” service will specialize in the collection, recovery and re-use of LPG bottles, aerosol cans, non-returnable gas canisters, CO2 cylinders, fire extinguishers, industrial gas bottles and beer kegs.

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Posted Aug 2010
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