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AgChem Holdings was acquired by Rolfes Technology Holdings

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Effective October 31, 2011

South Africa – BCMS Corporate is proud to announce the sale of AgChem Holdings Ltd., a leading agrochemicals manufacturer, to Rolfes Technology Holdings Limited (JSE: RLF). The South African division of BCMS Corporate, Xigo, acted as the exclusive financial advisor to AgChem Holdings. The transaction was led by Gavin Scott and supported by Geoff Pinder, Maritza Sander and Phil Oxford.

AgChem Holdings will join Rolfes Technology Holdings, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of chemical products which include pigments, specialty chemicals and silica. The acquisition of AgChem provides Rolfes with a unique opportunity to diversify its product offerings and enter a highly attractive sector. Erhard van der Merwe, Rolfes’ CEO, stated that, “we’ve always wanted to make an entry into the agriculture and mining chemicals market.” Other Rolfes representatives also added that, "the world's rapidly growing population will drive the demand for increased food production thus ensuring a very positive growth outlook for agricultural chemicals."

About AgChem Holdings.

AgChem Holdings is a leader in formulating and manufacturing innovative agro-chemical products of a consistently high quality for the local and international markets. In doing so, they employ the latest technological advances - with due regard to environmental safety - to ensure that value is added to their products and the businesses of their clients. AgChem is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa. For additional information, please visit,

About Rolfes Technology Holdings

Rolfes is a diversified manufacturing and distribution group in the chemicals sector, servicing over 2700 unique customers worldwide. Founded in 1925, Rolfes is well established both locally and internationally and has experienced growth both organically and through acquisitions. The company was listed on AltX in 2007, and saw shares rise to historically high levels following the AgChem acquisition. Rolfes is headquartered in Boksburg, South Africa. For additional information, please visit,

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Posted Oct 2011
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