Broady Flow Control sold to Valvitalia

Valvitalia SpA, an Italian group operating in the design, production and supply of equipment and components for the energy, marine and civil industries, has acquired Broady Flow Control. BCMS advised the shareholders of Broady on the transaction.

Broady set the global benchmark in the production of valves for the navy and submarine market

First established in 1902, Hull-based Broady specialises in the low volume, high-specification, high-integrity sector of the international valve market. Its product range includes safety relief valves for the oil, gas and power industry as well as specialist valves for the defence industry, including vent valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, pilot-operated safety relief valves, sustaining valves and gas blanketing valves.

Supplying to the British Royal Navy since 1938, Broady grew to represent the global benchmark in the production of valves intended for the international navy and submarine market. Broady operates an aluminium bronze foundry, producing high-integrity castings to the exacting standards of the global defence sector.

Broady is now a key division of the growing, dynamic Valvitalia group, which has a global footprint. In its own words, Valvitalia is “the first Italian Group able to offer such a wide range of products and to compete against the major US multinationals”.

Deal commentary

At the time of the transaction in 2010, Chairman and CEO of Valvitalia, Salvatore Ruggeri said: “With this further acquisition Valvitalia will reinforce its world market position, trading in 77 countries and having more than 1000 employees, operating 12 manufacturing plants and with a turnover of US$450m. Valvitalia Group will be able to increase its product offering to the advantage of clients all over the world: all kinds of valves, actuators, systems, fittings, flanges and other energy equipment.”

“In Valvitalia we see a business of excellence, young, dynamic and keen to grow,” said Rob Moulds, Broady Managing Director. “The synergy between the two organisations is remarkable and we believe we will be a valuable asset to the Valvitalia Group just as Valvitalia will further invigorate Broady.”

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