The Preactor Group sold to Siemens

Siemens AG has acquired The Preactor Group, a UK world leader in production planning and scheduling software used by a wide range of businesses. BCMS advised the shareholders of The Preactor Group on the deal.

Headquartered in Chippenham, Wiltshire, Preactor operates through its subsidiaries in North America, India, France, Spain and China.

“The sale process was very structured, and with BCMS we felt in good hands” – Mike Novels, Preactor

Preactor’s breakthrough APS planning software has been installed by over 4,500 small, medium and large multinational companies in 75 countries, and is used to drive down production costs, boost productivity and improve adherence to delivery deadlines. Frequently integrated with ERP, MES and Supply Chain Management solutions, Preactor offers a family of applications ranging from mid- and long-term capacity planning to detailed scheduling, and has been translated into 30 languages

The UK-based company will be assigned to the Siemens Industry Automation Systems business unit, which encompasses the entire Manufacturing Operations Management product portfolio.

Deal commentary

The Preactor Group’s President and CEO Mike Novels said: “We have no plans to divert from our existing successful course. With our highly qualified workforce and Siemens behind us, we will be in a position to supply our future-oriented APS software solutions as a global partner backed by worldwide presence and support. We will be making a major contribution to the ability of companies the world over to fully utilise their resources and adhere to confirmed deadlines.”

Commenting on BCMS’ role in the transaction, Novels added: “The sale process was very structured, and we felt in good hands. We already had a fairly long list of potential acquirers, which had shown interest in the past. BCMS added to this list through their research work. BCMS is a well-run, professionally organised team that will be an asset to any company thinking of selling up.”

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