Managed IT Services – 2020’s UK M&A Activity In Review

What is it?

A nine-page report compiled by BCMS which looks back at M&A deal volumes for UK Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) in 2020.

Why should I read it?

BCMS has advised on a number of MSP sales in recent years, including two in 2020. With M&A activity being heavily impacted by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, how did the UK’s MSP sector fare? Drawing on research undertaken into 2020’s deals, this report analyses:

  • How MSP deal volumes were impacted by the pandemic
  • Which types of buyer were active acquirers, and where did they come from
  • What themes are emerging in terms of MSP service offerings which are particularly in demand from acquirers
  • Case study and commentary from a previous BCMS MSP client

The report represents essential reading for the owners of UK MSPs, and will keep them informed on recent deal activity in their space. Please fill in the form to download your free copy.

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