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The BCMS partner ecosystem

At BCMS, we speak to entrepreneurial business owners every day, all of whom have differing needs on their growth and exit journeys.

To help support them, we have built an ecosystem of trusted independent professional partners, across complementary disciplines as diverse as wealth management, business coaching and mentoring, employment law, corporate law, finance, recruitment, debt-raising and many more. That’s in addition to our unique network of former clients, The Fellows, who regularly refer their contacts to BCMS, and are happy to offer their invaluable personal insights to other entrepreneurs about to embark on a business sale.

In this changing world, we’re always looking to build our network of partners, and help provide tailored advice, support and guidance to ambitious business owners, as they weigh up the biggest business decisions of their lives. This means we refer clients to our partners, and they refer potential clients to us.

Our partner relationships are not built on complex fee-sharing agreements, but professional trust. As an employee-owned business, we passionately believe in building long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with our partner organisations.

As a partner, we want you to refer your valued clients to BCMS because you feel we will be the ideal cultural fit for them, provide the right advice, and ultimately deliver the best possible service. We’re about securing our clients the right deal, not just any deal.

If you have a client and you’re unsure whether to refer them or not, always do. Here at BCMS we’re in it for the long game, and we always consider any conversation with you a good use of time.

Why refer to BCMS?

  • Experience: We’ve been trading for 30+ years, and have completed 1,000+ deals, so we’re very likely to have direct relevant credentials in your clients’ sectors
  • Entrepreneurial: We’re an employee-owned business, so everyone you speak to at BCMS understands the business-owner mindset
  • Independent: We’re totally shareholder centric, and only ever work for private business owners – so we’re focused on getting the right outcome for the person
  • Enduring: We maintain close relationships with clients long after a deal completes – our unique Fellows network helps clients pursue new opportunities post-sale
  • Expertise: we can help you help your clients with unique insights, updates and analysis on what’s happening in their marketplace

What does a BCMS client look like?

A guide to the types of companies we can support

Download: What does a BCMS client look like?

How we can work together

  • We’re always at the end of the phone to offer you and your clients initial insight and guidance into the variety of growth and exit options available to business owners
  • Uniquely, we can also connect your clients with our former clients, the BCMS Fellows, who have been there, done that, and sold their own companies
  • If your organisation runs an existing events programme, BCMS can support your initiatives – including webinars, live events and member discussion groups – by supplying corporate finance experts and/or our past clients
  • We also run our own events programme, and BCMS would be happy to invite suitable partners to attend future events, or indeed host a tailored session where appropriate.

Our initiatives include:

  • A regular newsletter, including deal updates and valuable real time data/insights from the M&A marketplace
  • Complimentary invitations to high-end, inspiring and exclusive events– we can invite you and your clients as an introduction to how we work
  • Provide a subject expert to your business from our network of Fellows and associates, who can speak at your meetings, conferences and events
  • Exclusive dinners, where our former clients share their stories, answer your questions in confidence, and provide 1-2-1 advice
  • Providing an expert panel for any client events you host, focused on your sector, and your attendees’ needs

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you, your clients and your networks

What our partners say about working with BCMS

We have regular conversations with clients around their exit strategy from a business, and if a sale is a possibility we refer them to BCMS to understand the process in more detail. This is not a hard sell and BCMS recognise that it might be many years until the business is ready. We would thoroughly recommend a partnership with BCMS to any advisor who works closely with businesses. It really has been a really important partnership for us, and allowed us to do the best by our clients.

Director, Chartered Accountancy firm

I knew my clients needed an advisor who could offer not just technical expertise, but hands-on guidance and support as neither of the owners had sold a business before. BCMS guided them through the whole process and helped them secure the best possible outcome – a sale to a NASDAQ-listed US business.

Business Coach Partner

It has been a pleasure working with BCMS. The panel of experts that BCMS brought together were highly knowledgeable and provided invaluable insights. In particular, the inclusion of one of their former clients who sold his business in our industry helped our members understand how the advice applied to their businesses.

Healthcare sector trade association

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