“This is not just a crisis. This is a war effort”

Husband-and-wife team Rob Miller and Dr Alisa Pearlstone sold their business PCM Healthcare through BCMS in 2015. Since then, these inspiring BCMS Fellows been actively involved in fundraising and charitable initiatives, using their transferable entrepreneurial skills to make a difference across communities. 

They are a key part of NHS Hero Support –  a citizens’ response to the Coronavirus outbreak. In this exclusive interview Alisa and Rob explain the thinking behind this “pop-up procurement service” – how it works and what they’ve achieved so far. 

What is NHS Hero Support?

It’s only a matter of days since NHS Hero Support launched, but in that time, it has grown from a proof-of-concept £2000 project, to an organisation connecting NHS inventory stores and logistics teams that stretch the length the country. 

NHS Hero Support is made up of professionals from a variety of sectors, repurposing their expertise pro bono to the national effort to slow the spread of the virus. This is an end-to-end operation, working with NHS trusts, hospital liaison, and as a delivery service for other teams. 
Via an international supplier network, the team has found new sources of PPE for hospitals. At time of writing, this includes 35,000 high-grade masks and 500 isolation gowns, with 15,000 more masks secured this week.

How can you help?

They have reached an initial £75,000 fundraising target, but more help is needed, and a new milestone has been set. In the interview, Alisa and Rob passionately explain why:

“As people will have heard - there’s been a real issue about getting NHS staff the protection they need to their job safely. We’re doing what needs to be done. This isn’t just a case of throwing money at the NHS. This is a crisis of an unprecedented scale. This is a war effort.”

NHS Hero Support is in direct contact with frontline NHS staff every single day. As Alisa says: “What we’re offering is an agile way of addressing crises on the ground as they are unfolding. We’re part of the volunteer army. We’re all part of the problem and we can all be part of the solution.”

To find the latest updates, and to pledge your support to this incredible initiative, visit It almost goes without saying:  every pound donated goes directly to protecting people on the frontline.

NHS Hero Support welcomes brand sponsorship and is keen to hear from organisations wishing to get involved. To register you interest, visit or email