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Feb 2016
Every year I am approached by business owners who have received an offer for their company.   Some pick up the phone immediately. Some wait a while.  But all are looking for support to guide them through an unknown process. Selling a company is a...
Feb 2016
As a business owner myself, I feel I have a strong affinity with our entrepreneurial clients – their thinking, their ambitions, and how they feel about the businesses they have built. Which is why it’s always fascinating to get perspective from the...
Jan 2016
You know how it is. There are certain parts of your role that you really love, but don’t get to do that often. Your diary just gets in the way. I’m not the biggest fan of meetings, but I was actually quite pleased when I was unexpectedly parachuted...
Jan 2016
I had a conversation with an acquirer the other day who has bought a number of companies through BCMS. He said to me that the reason he is particularly keen to buy companies we take to market is because he feels confident that the businesses have...
Dec 2015
I regularly speak with business owners who tell me how another company has, quite out of the blue, made an offer to buy their business. As a company owner myself, I completely understand how flattered they must feel. We make our businesses our life’...
Dec 2015
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that he will gift 99% of his shares in the social media site – that’s an estimated $45bn fortune – has generated a serious amount of media exposure. Many commentators have dismissed it as a PR stunt,...
Dec 2015
Clearly I need to get out more. Watching Great Britain’s phenomenal victory over Belgium in the final of the Davis Cup got me thinking about a topic that often arises in deal-making – the overreliance of a business on one key, high performing member...
Nov 2015
Over the past few decades Taiwan has experienced strong economic growth, which has led to the formation of a large number of family-owned SMEs. As the owners age, planning for succession should be high on the agenda, but only 30% of these companies...

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