Podcast: Exit strategies – how to sell a business

At BCMS, we’re often asked to contribute thought leadership and analysis on key corporate finance topics for business media. This usually involves a written review of the state of the market for business sales, expert interviews, or our thoughts on high-level trends as part of a wider article.

In-depth pieces on M&A market movements aren’t for everyone, though. Sometimes, an informal chat can be the perfect way to share complex information. So we were delighted that BCMS CEO Jonathan Dunn was invited by lawyers Moore Barlow to appear on their podcast Exit strategies: how to sell a business, as part of the excellent Cognito series.

“Our job is not just technical – it’s personal and emotional as well” – Jonathan Dunn, BCMS

Jonathan was interviewed by the Podcast Lady herself, Zoe Hanson, and in this 30-minute chat, Jonathan and Zoe cover a huge range of relevant topics, from valuation and the technical demands of a business sale, to the personal impact on shareholders and their staff. They discuss reasons for sale, buyer motivation, tax considerations, deal-blockers, in-demand sectors and future ‘hot spots’ for deal activity, all via real-life examples and client stories. As Jonathan says: “Our job is not just technical – it’s personal and emotional as well.”

As you’ll hear in the podcast, Jonathan very clearly conveys the ‘human’ element of deal-making. Zoe Hanson told us afterwards: “Exit strategy isn’t the most entertaining of subjects, but Jonathan really bought the subject to life and made the information palatable and relatable to the audience. Jonathan is both knowledgeable and passionate about the matter and gives fascinating insights into that world and how it works.”

“I enjoyed recording this podcast a great deal,” added Jonathan. “Not just because of Zoe’s conversational, no-nonsense style as interviewer, but because a podcast is a forum where you can really dig deep into a topic, and offer the kind of first-thought best-thought advice you usually get in a private chat. I hope the listeners find it useful – whatever stage they’re at in their business journey.”

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