Barkis Ip

Managing Director

Barkis Ip has over 25 years senior management and consulting experience in Finance & Accounting, Sales Management, Risk & Compliance and Merger & Acquisition with his earlier career as the Financial Controller/CFO of an insurance company. He moved into sales management in Australia as an Agency Leader providing insurance & financial planning services to households/family businesses for the Sydney market.

More recently, he was the Regional Chief Compliance Officer and Regional Head of Operational Risk Management with global insurance, banking & financial institutions which included AIA/AIG, HSBC Private Bank, SunLife & MetLife for the Asia Pacific Region. In his consulting engagement, he has been partnering with Kinetic Partners, CSC, and GLG with key clients of ICBC and Sunlife Everbright.

In his current role as the Managing Director of BCMS Hong Kong, he is advising SMEs on adopting BCMS’s process covering the industries of design, HR services, insurance, OEM manufacturing, health care, jewelry , travel, IT systems and fashion and supporting dedicated teams for project management, negotiation, research, buyer contact, business / financial analysis and documentation ( UK, China & Hong Kong).

Barkis holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Canada and a Master of Science in e-Commerce (with distinction) in Hong Kong. Barkis is an Australian CPA, a Chartered Company Secretary, and a Certified Management Consultant by profession. He is a Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and of Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Barkis Ip
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