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August deal update: BCMS global completions

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BCMS completed a range of deals in August to take us past 50 transactions so far in 2015. 31% of all deals are now “cross-border”, with the acquirer based in a different country to the seller. While US and European acquirers feature prominently across all territories, our clients are now accepting offers from countries as diverse as Brazil, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Buyer motivations are clear: geographic expansion, market consolidation, client base acquisition, and product extensions were all in evidence among this month’s completions, which include:

  • Drug regulatory services specialist Yes Pharma entered the UK market – a hub for pharmaceutical product development – with the acquisition of High Wycombe-based Wainwright Associates, adding 20 experts to its 100 staff base. 
  • A leading UK homecare provider consolidated its position in South East England with the acquisition of one of our clients. 
  • A UK ERP software consultancy was sold to a multinational Irish technology group to add a new client base for cross-selling industry solutions. 
  • Electrical equipment maker WEG Industries of Brazil was our biggest buyer of the month, acquiring South Africa’s TSS Transformers. The Heidelberg firm will form part of WEG’s existing South African subsidiary. 
  • Runcorn-based fastenings distributor Boka Bolts sold to bolts manufacturer Garton Group of Wigan.  
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Posted Sep 2015
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