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Founding Family

Dave Rebbettes BCMS
Dave Rebbettes
Dave is a founding director of BCMS, an expert in the company sale process, and an acknowledged thought leader within the M&A industry. Dave is the primary presenter at BCMS seminars worldwide. 
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Brian Rebbettes BCMS
Brian Rebbettes
A serial entrepreneur and business owner, Brian founded BCMS after undergoing a company sale of his own. His drive, commitment and experience have been instrumental in growing the business.
Steve Rebbettes BCMS
Steve Rebbettes
Steve developed and refined the BCMS approach to company sales. He understands first-hand the hard work and determination required to build and run a successful enterprise.

Senior Management Team

BCMS Stephen Greenwood
Stephen Greenwood

Executive Chairman

His thirty-year working history has been totally dedicated to Advising SME Business Owners on the Financial Assessment, Risk Management and Financial Engineering of BuyOuts, Mergers & Acquisitions. 
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BCMS Octavio Ariza
Octavio Ariza

Managing Director

Octavio heads up BCMS Spain and Gibraltar. He has particular expertise in finance and M&A where he has developed several roles as Chief analyst for Private Equity Firms, Financial Advisor and accounting auditor. 
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Mark Sapsford
Mark Sapsford

Associate Director

Mark heads up BCMS International Operations, and has sold SMEs in Europe, Africa, North America and Australasia. His division supports and advises our local deal-making teams around the world. 

Client Delivery Team includes

Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez

Senior M&A Project Manager

Maria has a results-oriented approach, with great capacity to filter key information, structuring harmonically and thus to define and provide our customers the consistency and clarity necessary to carry out each project successfully. 
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Irene Martin Martín
Irene Martin Martín

Financial Analyst

With communication lines directly with the Client Shareholders and finance team, Irene gathers data to create a vision of what the optimum financial future would look like for the business.
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Chris Fox
Chris Fox

Research Team Manager

As Research Team Manager, Chris is instrumental in developing strategic solutions to identify the best acquirers for our clients. He manages a team of highly skilled research analysts.
Mark Bentley
Mark Bentley

PR and Managing Editor

Mark heads up the expert creative team responsible for producing tailored sales and marketing content on behalf of BCMS clients. An experienced journalist, he also manages PR and media initiatives.