Our business is selling your business

Choose an advisor who can see the full landscape. Dave Rebbettes, founding director of BCMS, and presenter of our acclaimed business seminars and masterclasses, explains the pioneering BCMS approach to selling a business. Many advisors will value a company based on its past financial performance, and take that business to market with a valuation derived from multiples of past profits.

But as Dave says in this short M&A advice video, these business valuation methods are critically flawed. The number one reason buyers and investors acquire business is for the opportunity for future growth – so it is vital to choose an advisor who can create a market of competing acquirers. BCMS takes a partner approach to business sales, understanding your specific goals and requirements, and has the in-house resources to deliver the right deal for you. As Dave says: “At BCMS, we have to invest in a business to sell it.”

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2 Feb 2017