Dave Rebbettes

Founding Director

Dave is a founding director of BCMS, an expert in the company sale process, and an acknowledged thought leader within the M&A industry. In demand as a public speaker, Dave is also the primary presenter at BCMS masterclasses worldwide

Dave is well known as an international speaker, and lectures at over 100 business conference, seminars and events around the world each year. Prior to forming BCMS Corporate, Dave, along with Brian and Steve Rebbettes, was a director of Contract Leads Ltd, which was founded in 1969; a company that was later sold to Thomson Corporation (a precursor to Thomson Reuters) in 1988. 

Dave is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an organisation well respected for its commitment to furthering the arts, charity and commerce. 

Dave has been instrumental in BCMS’ growth in over 20 countries around the world. Speaking to many thousands of business owners, in cities all over the globe, Dave has helped transform the received wisdom on valuing and selling companies.    


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