Robert and Kathryn Hughes, Wesco: my business sale journey

Robert and Kathryn Hughes, Wesco: "Who doesn't want to throw their alarm clock at a wall?" In this revealing business sale advice video, Robert and Kathryn Hughes, formerly of Wesco, explain the unlikely origins of their successful business in the novelty toys and gifts industry, and how and why the took the decision to sell up.

The couple are a good example of what happens when the thrill of running and growing a business wears off, when "there are other things you'd much rather do". Here they offer the insiders' perspective on the business sale process, and explain why competition is the key to getting the best deal. They are clearly enjoying a very different lifestyle post-sale...Kathryn has even forged a second career as a best-selling novelist!

"Don't hang on to your business too long...and use your imagination," advises Robert. "There are so many things other than your business to occupy your time that will give you satisfaction in many other ways."

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18 Dec 2018