Gavin Goates: my business sale journey with BCMS

Gavin Goates, PCML: “Everyone thinks they know who’s going to buy their company… In reality you don’t!” Gavin’s manufacturing business secured platform investment from Private Equity, and Gavin has stayed with his business post sale to grow the company further. In this client video, he discusses the decision to approach the market of acquirers, and the best and worst aspects to selling. Gavin has some straight-talking, unmissable advice for business owners - the kind only experienced sellers can offer.

He even tackles the issue of advisor fees. “BCMS too expensive? I find that really funny. For me it’s about Return On Investment. The old adage applies: ‘You get what you pay for!’”

Precise Component Manufacture secures investment from Blauvelt Capital

28 Mar 2018