David Jonas, Vegetarian Express: my business sale journey with BCMS

David Jonas, Vegetarian Express: David’s specialist food business is the leading UK supplier of plant-based ingredients, with unrivalled sourcing abilities and a 1,000+ strong product range including tofu, tempeh, quinoa, nuts, spices and pulses. Advised by BCMS, this dynamic, growing business secured investment from impact investor Bridges Ventures.

In this client video, David explains how he spent “two or three years exploring our options as a business”. He has some essential advice on choosing the right advisor, how to keep a transaction confidential, and the importance of looking at a range of acquirers on their merits. In a sector as close-knit as food, did David consider Private Equity as a deal option, and was he aware of Bridges before appointing BCMS? “Not at all, no… we’d never heard of them before!”

Bridges Ventures invests in Vegetarian Express

Vegetarian Express
10 Apr 2018