Darren Cairns Intrinsys

Darren Cairns, Intrinsys: “A business is the most complex thing you will sell in your life…” In this BCMS client testimonial video, Darren explains how and why he took the decision to sell his business, offers advice on the business sale process and candidly discusses a number of key topics that arise in every sale, including the keeping the sale process confidential.  When it comes to finding a potential acquirer, Darren is crystal clear on the importance of researching the market fully: “You can’t possibly know who is best suited to buy your business. It’s probably a company you haven’t even heard of!”

Darren has stayed on with the company post sale, and is therefore grateful that BCMS handled all negotiations on his behalf. The result? “My acquirer is a perfect fit for the business.”

Sweden’s Addnode Group acquires Intrinsys for a maximum £15m

16 Jan 2018