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Aug 2010
Most of our clients will only ever sell a business once in their careers, but what exactly does a serial deal maker think of BCMS Corporate’s approach?
Aug 2010
BCMS Corporate is pleased to announce the acquisition of RW Communications by Concorde Excel Holdings. 
Jul 2010
Established more than 100 years ago the company is a specialist valve manufacturer. The company operates in the low volume, high-specification, high integrity sector of the international valve market.
Jul 2010
Interwest was established in 1984 as a manufacturer and installer of high quality windows, doors and curtain walling to the construction industry.
Jul 2010
Established in 1997 as one of the largest independent coffee and related products distributor.  Their customer base includes government organizations, high end hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and commercial businesses.
Jun 2010
Gemini Fire Management Systems was established in 1997, the firm specializes in the design, supply, installation and service of fire detection and suppression systems.
Jun 2010
Housing Communications Limited (HCL) can be traced back to 1998 when it was originally established as Computer Trade Sales.  HCL provides mobile, landline and value-add software services to firms within the public sector.
Jun 2010
FWA West was established in 1938 and operated as a specialist in the building maintenance and refurbishment contractor within the Housing Sector.
Jun 2010
Alpha-Plus Medical Communications was bought by Fishawack Communications in a multi-million dollar deal that was overseen by Mergers & Acquisitions specialist, BCMS Corporate.
May 2010
Jewett Drug Inc. was established in 1950 as a licensed drug and liquor store.
May 2010
FE-Mobile was established in 2002 as a specialist software company with a unique market-proven multichannel software solution for mobile banking and mobile commerce, and is globally recognized as a secure and robust mobile commerce software platfo
May 2010
Marral Chemicals was established in 1984 and is a market leader of a wide range of specialist water treatment services with unrivalled technical expertise in both chemical developments and application into bespoke solutions.


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