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Jun 2011
As the global economy recovers, corporate strategies will turn from deliberate cash preservation to aggressive growth and expansion this year, according to the American Express/CFO Research Global Business & Spending Monitor.
Apr 2011
Before we dive into methods of business valuation, we should start with a basic discussion about what value means and why we can, or even want to, rely on business valuation methods.
Apr 2011
Robert Goldsmith, President & CEO of BCMS Corporate North America, was recently interviewed on the firm’s recent successes using AxialMarket – an industry leading web-based platform connecting buyers and sellers of multimillion-dollar deals.
Feb 2011
International M&A specialist BCMS Corporate has appointed seasoned M&A expert Jonathan Dunn to head up its expanding Mid-Market M&A Team.
Dec 2010
Ask yourself this question:  “Is dying at your desk the best that you can do with the rest of your life?” If you answer “no”, then congratulations, you just started to break your version of Owner’s Block.
Nov 2010
Spur Information Solutions, a United Kingdom-based maker of computer software used for parking enforcement, such as at paid lots and meter spaces.
Oct 2010
In the ownership of a company there are few things as important as its sale.  Selling a business gives the seller the opportunity to monetize decades of hard work and will hopefully result in the seller receiving a significant amount of money.
Aug 2010
There are many different structures for a deal, and as any BCMS Deal Leader will tell you, no two deals done are ever exactly the same.
Aug 2010
Misaligned thinking and actions at the early stages of considering a sale can account for many acquisition failures. Determination to address the following four issues will have a major influence on achieving a successful outcome. These are:
Aug 2010
BCMS Corporate engages several different types of buyers when we take a company to market. Typically we identify strategic companies and private equity groups, but we do also come across individual investors.
Aug 2010
Though not of their making, family firms will play a vital role in the economic recovery from the current recession – they are major contributors of new job and wealth creation.
Aug 2010
Without a doubt, China will continue to grow in importance both politically and economically. A day rarely passes now where China is not featured in the news and business section headlines – how can companies develop opportunities in China?


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