Dec 2018
BCMS has been running a variety of events up and down the UK throughout 2018. The two key learnings from this year are clear.
Oct 2018
Like most industries, there are lots of meaningless league tables in the world of business sales.
Sep 2018
Does a successful business really need a good marketing strategy? Interestingly, many of our clients tell us that sales and marketing is a weakness in their companies. But it’s only a weakness because they don’t do much of it.
Aug 2018
You know you should get serious about selling your company, but you just can’t picture yourself not being a business owner.
Jul 2018
BCMS and Fight For Sight at the House of Lords
May 2018
You are selling your business, and all of your ducks are in a row.
May 2018
How much can bad service impact a business? And can good service levels actually make your company more profitable?
Apr 2018
"We went to 20 banks who all said no. Then we went to 500 venture capital firms. Most didn't get back to us, while the rest also said 'no'. One said we scored zero out of five in the investors handbook.
Mar 2018
There was a news story this week that will be of interest to any business owner – because it raises the oldest question in the M&A book: “How much is my business worth?”
Mar 2018
The rise of the robots is challenging human supremacy in a growing number of fields.
Feb 2018
We went to Mars last night – well, sort of…
Jan 2018
A few years back we were chatting with former client, Martin Phillips, about the successful sale of his company Recommended Hotels.


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