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Mar 2019
Selling a business is a sales and marketing exercise! “Look, Dave, I am not a businessman,” said multi-award-winning chef, serial entrepreneur and adopted national treasure Raymond Blanc, when we were discussing the schedule for last week’s BCMS...
Apr 2018
"We went to 20 banks who all said no. Then we went to 500 venture capital firms. Most didn't get back to us, while the rest also said 'no'. One said we scored zero out of five in the investors handbook. He said we were a dreadful investment...
Mar 2018
There was a news story this week that will be of interest to any business owner – because it raises the oldest question in the M&A book: “How much is my business worth?” The news that activist investor Edward Bramson has taken a 5% share in...
Mar 2018
The rise of the robots is challenging human supremacy in a growing number of fields. Recent  innovations include robot teachers that can mark school homework in record time, an automated bricklayer that can lay up to 300 bricks an hour, and smart...
Jan 2018
How do you win business? For many of our clients, it’s very often a combination of the Three Rs – repeat work, referrals and recommendations. Whether software, manufacturing, education or energy, many of our clients have developed a specialist niche...
Jan 2018
It’s not every day you’re presenting in front of an audience when a Spitfire takes off behind you. But that’s exactly what happened to me this week at the historic Imperial War Museum in Cambridge. I can tell you this: there’s nothing like the roar...
Jan 2018
Some interesting news to start the new year in Mergers & Acquisitions.  The board at GKN, a FTSE 100 business, and one of the UK’s biggest engineering firms, has roundly rejected an unsolicited £7bn offer from an interested acquirer. The bidder...
Dec 2017
In a year dominated by wranglings over Brexit, and the air of uncertainty and change, one thing has remained constant. In BCMS’ experience, the market for business sales is remarkably strong. For those selling a business, we have good news. Buyers...
Nov 2017
Well, what do we make of that? Chancellor Philip Hammond, known for his nickname ‘Spreadsheet Phil’, has delivered a budget with few thrills, and a lot of caution. The newspaper headlines are the reduction in stamp duty, estimated to benefit 95% of...
Nov 2017
Interesting news coming out of the City this week. Despite widespread uncertainty, British firms are planning an M&A buying spree in 2018, at a level not seen for a decade. City AM quotes a survey by EY, and reports that 60% of companies are...
Oct 2017
Are business owners really clamouring to “cash out” and sell up in case Jeremy Corbyn comes to power? This is the contention of an interesting piece by successful serial entrepreneur (and former chairman of Channel 4) Luke Johnson, in his weekly...
Aug 2017
Putting a price on your business…and why we don’t let you name your ‘magic number’ At a recent Q&A event for entrepreneurs considering selling a business, one comment in particular made quite a stir. Former client, Alison Lessmann, told...


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