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Mar 2019
Business Sale Live! at the RAC, London "I had to go to prison to learn how to read and write…" As guest speakers go, John Bird - founder of the Big Issue, and now Lord Bird, a wildcard cross-bench member of the Upper House - certainly knows how to...
Feb 2019
It's estimated that over a quarter of UK GDP is generated by family businesses, and family firms employ 12.2 million people nationwide, amounting to 47% of all private sector employment.  At BCMS – also, of course, a proudly owned family business –...
Feb 2019
yacht-room-image.jpg What a stunning venue for an event: the private yacht of the royal family. Impossibly luxurious, yet somehow cosy and homely. Launched in the Queen’s coronation year, and in service until 1997; it...
Dec 2018
BCMS has been running a variety of events up and down the UK throughout 2018. The two key learnings from this year are clear. Firstly, entrepreneurs love to get the chance to talk to other entrepreneurs – particularly those who have "been there,...
Sep 2018
Does a successful business really need a good marketing strategy? Interestingly, many of our clients tell us that sales and marketing is a weakness in their companies. But it’s only a weakness because they don’t do much of it. To win new business,...
May 2018
From business valuation calculators to downloadable PDF guides, the internet is awash with quick fixes to help business owners value a company. You can understand why. “How much is my business worth?” is often the first thing clients ask BCMS when...
Apr 2018
Our 2018 webinar Getting your house in order – a guide to Due Diligence certainly got people talking. One of the most popular of our webinar series to date, it tackled what is generally considered a demanding process – “the last great hurdle” of...
Jan 2018
A few years back we were chatting with former client, Martin Phillips, about the successful sale of his company Recommended Hotels. Martin was clear on what was good about the business sale process – researching acquirers, the excitement of deal...
Dec 2017
Perhaps because of the megadeals and mergers that make the headlines – think Heinz and Kraft, or Dow Chemical acquiring DuPont – many business owners automatically assume that the most likely acquirer for their business will be a close competitor....
Nov 2017
On the day the Bank Of England announced its much-predicted rise in the base rate, we met with a range of business owners and professionals for a highly enjoyable Q&A event: When is the right time to sell your business? run at the London office...
Nov 2017
Heard the one about Private Equity, the Trade Buyer, and the Angel Investor? BCMS webinars typically feature advice from professionals, and share experience from entrepreneurs who’ve successfully sold up. This time we crossed over to the other side...

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