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Sep 2017
When it comes to business sales, London companies are more than twice as likely to be acquired as regional competitors. Jonathan Dunn of BCMS explains how to approach a potential sale. Every week across London, more than 50 businesses are bought and...
Jan 2017
I was on the panel of a brilliant business event on Thursday in Glasgow, alongside professionals from Investec Wealth and Investment and our hosts, lawyers Burness Paul LLP. The stars of the show – as they usually are– were the business owners and...
Nov 2016
2016 has been a year of change, and Brexit – this year’s major disruptive event – is at the forefront of future commercial and strategic planning for UK business owners. For those looking at selling a business, or wondering ‘is now the right time to...
Aug 2016
Last year’s headlines were all about the global $4 trillion M&A boom, and the rise and rise of the mega deal. This year, commentators have found their stories elsewhere. From TATA to BHS, newspaper takeover talk has focused on troubled targets...
Mar 2016
I don’t usually comment on political matters, but SMEs are once again being used as a political football, this time as the noisy debate around the UK’s referendum on EU membership hots up. Both sides have been pushing their agendas hard. Apparently...
Sep 2015
The emissions scandal currently engulfing Volkswagen is a stark reminder of the importance of honesty, integrity and transparency in any business transaction - however big or small the company, and whatever the sector. Our advice to anyone looking...
Jun 2015
Cash-rich major acquirers are fuelling increased activity in the sub-£50m deal-space. In sectors as diverse as manufacturing, media, telecoms, healthcare, transport and food, UK SME's are attracting significant interest from acquirers both here and...
Jun 2015
Recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics have indicated that the UK economy has fallen into deflation for the first time since 1960. ...and that means good news for business owners seeking to sell. In reaction to the news...

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