"You have to adapt, and you have to embrace change"

With his business partner Janet Westwood, Julian Chamberlain started, built and sold brand consultancy business Retail Active through BCMS.

In this video interview, Julian tackles the subject of dealing with adversity and explains why it is crucial to maintain focus on your long-term strategy. "You must have a sense of mission, and clear view where you want to be as a business," he argues.

At a time of crisis, this is easier said than done, of course. But a crisis does bring opportunities too – and as a customer satisfaction specialist, Julian knows first-hand how important it is to keep positive and keep communicating, to stay at the forefront of your customers' – and potential customers' – minds. "Your business may even be more successful as a result," he says.

As Julian says, in a world where the pace of change can be frightening, it's vital that businesses can adapt, even if that is painful in the short term. After all, "a company that doesn't survive through this is no good to anyone."

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