"There's been a change in the way the world works."

Former BCMS client Emma Marlow has scaled and sold a number of businesses — most recently events technology business Green Hippo in 2018. In this short video interview, she discusses the need for business owners to think of the future, and embrace the changes imposed by the current lockdown.

The demands of the coronavirus lockdown have fundamentally changed business culture, placing virtual meetings and online collaboration as central to the way decisions are made and operations are run.

For some, this alone is a challenge. As Emma points out, "a lot of managers are used to being with their staff and seeing their output and seeing them every day."

Yet failing to embrace the change to remote working, instead waiting to ‘get back to normal’, could potentially harm the business in the longer term. "There's a change in the way the world works — it may be temporary, or it may be longer lasting."

No-one can possibly know what the new business landscape will look like post-pandemic, but businesses that are operating effectively and are ready to embrace change will see the advantage. As Emma says, "different companies in different sectors will come out of this at different speeds. The businesses that can stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt will survive in the new world."

Talk to BCMS: the coronavirus pandemic is obviously having an impact on business sales and the global M&A industry, and the picture is changing daily. To find out more, including how to prepare your business for a potential sale in the future, why not speak to one of our senior advisors? We can offer impartial advice, analysis and an assessment of the market, personalised to your business and your sector.