"Making people uncomfortable drives results."

In the last few months, business owners worldwide have faced fundamental challenges to the way in which their companies operate. But these pressures provide the perfect time to be productive, argues one futurologist in this lively – and at times controversial –20 minute interview.

According to George Bernard Shaw, "all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Aric Dromi certainly counts himself as one of those. A self-confessed troublemaker, his no-nonsense approach is based on the firm belief that there is good reason to be unreasonable. As a futurologist, his job is to "tell stories about potential futures that could happen", working with companies across the world to help prepare for the unexpected.

With typical boldness, Aric is universal in his criticism. "When you step back and take a moonshot perspective on global leadership at this moment…this is the time to be unreasonable. There is no direction or strong leadership being shown politically." This uncomfortable idea, according to Aric, makes this a great opportunity for bold change. As he maintains "making people uncomfortable drives results."

'Moonshot' thinking – imagining the improbable and the unlikely – helps Aric to picture the possibilities of what can be done; something that business owners are increasingly finding themselves doing.

The pandemic has created obstacles for every business in every sector, each of which will require careful direction and leadership to carry them into a successful future. But Aric's uncompromising method can undoubtedly help us all to envisage our positions in the new, unfolding business landscape.

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