"Lockdown is a real opportunity for reflection..."

In a full 30-minute interview with BCMS founder Dave Rebbettes, Terry Waite CBE shares his incredible story of being taken hostage in the late 1980s whilst negotiating the release of hostages in Beirut. Terry understands that anxiety, fear and anger can be our greatest nemesis and gives advice on how to control negative thoughts before they start to control us.

Of course, Terry's situation is extremely different from the one we find ourselves in today. But this exclusive interview provides some common-sense strategies that we can draw from and apply to our own situations. As Terry explains, "From extreme situations we can take understandings that are applicable to normal life."

Business owners will naturally be faced with some very difficult decisions at this time, which no doubt will affect the lives of employees and their families. Terry explains that whilst he was in captivity, he disciplined himself not to think about the elements which were out of his control. His job was to make it through each day and take each day at a time.

Looking back at his harrowing experiences, Terry is grateful that this time forced him to develop talents that he never knew he had. "Out of every situation of this kind, something creative can emerge. You can take the opportunity of lockdown as being a real opportunity of reflection and getting to know yourself better."

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