"If you’ve got to take a big decision – take it quickly!”

Mark Bentley
April 2020

Nick Jenkins has a wide experience of what it takes to create and run a successful company. From his time building online greetings card giant into a household name, to listening to countless business proposals on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Nick is well accustomed to the ever-changing demands of business leadership.  Nick is a regular guest speaker at BCMS events, and knows our clients well. In this exclusive, straight-talking video he addresses the problems faced by every business owner during the Covid-19 crisis.

Despite selling Moonpig in 2011, Nick remains a key shareholder in a diverse portfolio of companies and has seen first-hand how the pandemic has changed how they operate. “It’s so different for different types of businesses” he explains. “But when all businesses are in trouble, one of the things you need to do is to be decisive about things; take decisions and act quickly. Faffing about doesn’t help anyone in the long-run.”

Whether businesses have seen an increase in activity, or have seen operations grind to halt, decisive and agile leadership are central to their survival. This ensures that the business can operate in the post-pandemic, ‘new normal’ world – whenever that may be.

For Nick, the worst thing business leaders can do is to simply do nothing. “Being a rabbit frozen in the headlights – doing nothing and just hoping it will all go away when you wake up in the morning.”

To find out more about the impact Coronavirus is having on business sales transactions in your sector, speak to one of our senior advisors. We can offer impartial advice, market insights and practical tips on how to prepare your business for sale when the time is right.