"The biggest thing right now is patience"

Mark Bentley
April 2020

Following the merger of his business Capital GES in 2019, BCMS Fellow Brian Walters has remained a key part of its management. Like all company leaders at the moment, the current situation has put his business and entrepreneurial skills to the test. In this new video interview, Brian explains the impact it has had on his own position, and how drawing on previous experience has helped him adapt.

The answer may be to think long-term – looking beyond the here and now, and developing a far-sighted strategy, so your business doesn’t just survive, it thrives.  “It’s easy not to look for opportunities when you’re busy focusing on the everyday, ” says Brian. He’s right, of course. Everyone in business is currently facing issues that are, in the word of the moment, wholly unprecedented.

Brian has a pragmatic response: "Maybe it is unprecedented. But then every day [in business] is unprecedented; it brings something new. This is another 'something new.'"

"The biggest thing right now is patience."

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