“If you’re struggling – pick up the phone!”

Mark Bentley
April 2020

Having captained both Scotland and the British Lions rugby teams, Gavin Hastings OBE certainly knows what it's like to come up against difficult opponents, and how good leadership can make all the difference. A regular guest at our events, Gavin kindly shared his unique insight with us in this exclusive chat.

"I'm sure none of us have ever faced what we're now facing at this moment in time" says Gavin. "For me, communication is a great thing. I've made a lot of international calls to friends, to family overseas and with people I perhaps previously haven't spoken with as much."

This seems a natural response for family and friends; checking in regularly to see what is happening, how they are, and how they are getting through it.

In business, similar ideas can apply. 

For company leaders, Gavin suggests, outside of family and friends, "the most important group of people are your employees; your work colleagues, your fellow directors and your fellow workers." They will all have their own concerns and thoughts, but also insight into new ways of working through these challenging times. As Gavin points out, "communication will certainly be valued at this time."

That doesn't mean that business leaders must take all of this on themselves. In creating an atmosphere of regular communication with their teams, Gavin reminds us that they should apply the same rules to themselves. "If you are struggling at home — pick up the phone. Phone a colleague, share your challenges, share your problem. You'll feel an awful lot better for speaking to people."

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