Your business is ready to sell... are you?

Your business is ready to sell... are you?

Are you ready to sell?

As an entrepreneur, selling the business you have built will likely be one of the most pressured periods of your career - emotions run high, there may be opposing opinions, and the stakes are high.

Can a better understanding Emotional Intelligence, and the tools to keep you focused on your goal, set you up for a successful business exit and beyond? We think so.

This webinar looks to raise awareness of the personal journey of the company owner throughout the transaction – from deciding to go to market, through the sale process, and into life after a sale.

We will draw on the experiences of clients who have sold their businesses and the perspectives of a leading executive-coaching and leadership firm, to bring you actionable tips and advice.

Join us to learn:

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is important for company owners, and how to develop yours
  • The benefits of mental preparation and coaching for the business sale process
  • How developing resilience will ease dealmaking
  • The impact of motives behind business-sale and purchase
  • How to prepare yourself for life after sale

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