Webinar: How to be an attractive business to buyers

How to be an attractive business to buyers

Why would buyers want to acquire your company?

Learn what buyers look for in a business during this free webinar, exclusively for business owners. 

The webinar will explain in detail - with examples from recent transactions – what motivates a buyer to pursue particular types of companies, and how to get your business ready for the right acquirer.

Based on our experience approaching hundreds of prospective buyers for each client and conducting more than 74,000 such conversations every year, this complimentary 30-minute webinar will reveal the mindset of 'trade' and 'investment' buyers so you can start getting your business prepared for the right buyer.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn:

  • The elements of your business that will draw different types of buyers
  • The top 3 acquirer motivations (hint: it’s not for financial investment)
  • The best reasons to sell to a strategic buyer, and when to sell to a private equity firm
  • Getting the business ready – do’s and don'ts


  • Robert Goldsmith, President & CEO, BCMS North America. Bob Goldsmith is President and CEO, as well as a founding partner, of BCMS North America. He has been advising entrepreneurs, family businesses, and other organizations on issues such as sale, succession and exit planning, divestiture, corporate growth, international expansion, and general strategy since 2002. Prior to BCMS, in addition to advising clients, Bob spent ten years working in senior roles in consumer, commodity and international business. 

  • Ken Barragan, Assistant Director, Corporate Finance BCMS. Having led Private Equity investments in the financial sector, including international transactions, Ken has wide-ranging experience in M&A, quantitative credit analytics and risk management technologies.

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