Selling a business in the creative industry

Selling a business in the creative industry

There is significant acquisition activity in the creative sector – as major players look to consolidate, and new entrants see the potential in a fast-growing, dynamic industry.

But what does that mean for you, if you’re considering selling your creative business? How do deals in this sector differ? What can you do to maximise the value in your company?

This fascinating, free 30-minute webinar is essential viewing for any business owner in the sector, from TV and film production, to communications, events, marketing, advertising and digital.

An expert panel – including the CEO of industry trade body EVCOM, and the MD of specialist event-tech business Green Hippo - will explore motives for acquisition, how to prepare your business, and offer tips and insights on the sale process.

Join us and discover:

  • What acquirers want to see in your business
  • What is driving acquisitions in the sector
  • How buyers value a creative business
  • How to avoid the mistakes many business owners make

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