Ready to sell? You and your business in peak condition

Ready to sell? You and your business in peak condition

Are you fit for sale?

Fitness brings many benefits, but busy business people often neglect their health in favour of fast food and long hours. Today we're looking not so much at the healthy balance sheet of your business, but the healthy balance sheet of you – as an individual.

We’ll explore how getting mentally and physically fitter can have a beneficial impact on you professionally, particularly if you are growing and selling a business.

We're joined by 

  • Mark Garwood MCIWM, Sales Director, Pro-Lifting UK  - and former BCMS client
  • Gavin Denning, Head Coach, GWD Performance – who has worked with Mark
  • Howard Dingley, of M&A advisor BCMS

In this session we'll discuss key themes, current thinking, share insights and advice – and hear Mark’s story, which is – even if we say so ourselves – quite astonishing

Join us to learn:

  • How decision making can be improved by diet, exercise and quality sleep
  • How better fitness will help you to see your business in a different light
  • How get fit for sale will help you to focus on what's next for you

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