Industry consolidation

Industry Consolidation: Timing is Everything

Insights for Private Business Owners 

Over the years, we’ve seen many industries go through the different stages of consolidation. Online retail was a heavily fragmented industry in the early 2000s, now Amazon is a leader in the space. The soft drink industry, once in a mature stage, was recently disrupted by a health focused trend. 

When it comes to selling a private business, the personal timing of your exit and the best time to sell, according to your industry, rarely coincide.

During our webinar, we’ll discuss key factors that affect you and your company as your industry evolves.

Join Us to Discover:

    • How to know what stage of growth your industry is in

    • How timing impacts the sale price of your business

    • When you’ll have the greatest chance of successfully completing a sale transaction

    • And More…

    Even if you’re not actively considering a company sale, advance preparation will help you make better-informed decisions about a very consequential financial event.

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