How do you value a business?

How do you value a business?

It’s the most common question we get asked.

How do you value a business?

Surely there’s a standard calculation? If only it was as simple as that.

This no-nonsense webinar reveals the different calculations and valuation methods an acquirer will use when making an offer to buy your business. Two experienced business-sale advisors from either side of the Atlantic will share their insights into the subject.

We discuss the importance of your motives, and the motives of an acquirer, in defining the price and deal structure, and how to position your business to get the most out of the deal.

You probably have a figure in mind… Will these learnings change how you view the value of your business?

Watch to...

  • Find out what metrics contribute to the valuation of your business
  • Discover the complexity of establishing what your business is worth 
  • Explore the BCMS approach to achieving maximum value for our clients

Plus! Download free resources during the webinar, including e-book The Little Book of M&A.

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